This section lists resources you may find helpful to continue your Open Badges journey!

Creating courses, not dumping resources

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Blog posts

The following are ‘official’ posts from the Open Badges team (2012-15) and the Badge Alliance (2015+):

Case studies

There are a number of case studies for Open Badges, mainly in education-related settings. Here is a selection:


The following three places are currently the best places to go in order to find academic literature around Open Badges. Note that the term ‘digital badges’ is sometimes used instead in the research base.


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Additional help

Over and above the help in this course, you may need more specific advice and guidance.

Designing Open Badges

If you need more help than that which is provided on the How can I create effective Open Badges? of this course, then check out the following:

Issuing Open Badges

Once you’ve checked out the How do I get started issuing Open Badges? part of this course, you may find these links useful:

  • (coming soon!)

Convincing people of the value of Open Badges

Along with the Badge Alliance web page Why Badges?, the following blog posts, presentations, and videos by members of the community do a good job of explaining the value of Open Badges:

Planning a series of badges

In addition to the information in this course (Why use badge pathways?) the following is likely to be of use:


If you need specific expertise around certain elements of Open Badges, the following sections are where you can find people and organisations who can help.

Designing badges

  • (coming soon!)


  • (coming soon!)

My event

  • (coming soon!)

Find help writing badge-related documents

This section is for guidance around, and examples of, documents relating to badges for funding, jobs, and policies.


  • (coming soon!)

Job descriptions

  • (coming soon!)

Campus policies

  • (coming soon!)

Earn more badges!

There are thousands of badges available for individuals to earn. Some of these are free and open for anyone to achieve, some are heavily context-specific, and others may even have a cost attached to the assessment behind them.

The following are places you can go to earn some Open Badges:

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