Welcome to Badge Bootcamp.

These 5 lessons, delivered comfortably to your inbox, make up a crash course in all things badges!

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Here's what Badge Bootcamp is all about

Who's it for?

People who are new to badges who want to get up-to-speed quickly. They're busy people who can't put aside an hour or two in one go to learn abut Open Badges. As a result, a self-serve course based in their inbox (where they spend a lot of time) makes sense.

Why are we running it?

We have the domain expertise, we're vendor-neutral, and we're trusted voices in the wider landscape. From our perspective, it means we get to drive people towards our own stuff - such as the badges newsletter and our workshops.

When will it be available?

It's available NOW! You can sign up at any time as there are no 'cohorts' of learners. If you think others in your organisation should take the course, simply send them this web address and they can take it for themselves!

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