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Doug Belshaw

Open Educational Thinkerer

Doug, from Dynamic Skillset is a specialist in digital literacies and new forms of accreditation such as Open Badges. He's a doctor, but not the type that can help you with an emergency tracheotomy! Learn more.

John Bevan

John Bevan

Convenor & Connector

John, from Go Fast, Turn Left, connects people for the common good. He’s devised and run open innovation programmes for a host of household names, helping them to break silos both within and between organisations. Learn more.

Laura Hilliger

Laura Hilliger

Strategist & Idea Maker

Laura, from Zythepsary, is a creative champion for communities. Her mind baffles us. She builds, writes, sees big pictures. She thinks she's funny (she is), dislikes juggling and contributes because it makes her feel good. Learn more.

Bryan Mathers

Bryan Mathers

Visual Thinker

Bryan, from Visual Thinkery, creates pictures to explore and engage others in ideas, concepts and messages. He draws everything from avocados to zany figures. His mind can turn words into pictures that inspire more words. Learn more.

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