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Badge Bootcamp


This full-day workshop will take you from zero to hero in your journey towards alternative accreditation for your organisation. Whether you work for a business, a non-profit, or an educational institution, Badge Bootcamp is for you!

We'll cover:

  • What are Open Badges - and where did they come from?
  • How people are using badges in many different sectors
  • When badges are a great idea
  • Why badges are the answer to lots of different problems
  • Who to connect to in the Open Badges community, and where

We guarantee you'll leave this workshop energised, and ready to take on the world!

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Custom Courses

In addition to our popular Thinkathons, the We Are Open team facilitates a variety of workshops designed to teach all the ins and outs of working openly.

We do everything from beginners wondering how they can ‘show their work’ through to flattening hierarchies and moving from ‘getting your ducks in a row’ to having ‘self-organising ducks’!

The kind of people who come along to our workshops are curious minds from all different kinds of sectors: for-profits, non-profits, educational organisations, and third-sector bodies. We can also run half-day workshops virtually so you can level-up in the comfort of your own home or office!

We’re currently putting together a programme for existing clients, so if you’re interested in this, get in touch and let us know.

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