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We Are Open Co-op

We work to spread the culture, processes and benefits of open wherever we can.

Support community projects
articulate concepts

We give talks about our work, present and tell stories all over the world.

provide expertise

We are more than the sum of our parts. Our members have expertise in a wide-range of functions.

facilitate thinking

To think is to question. But don't sweat it. We'll help with that.

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Creative Commons

From illustrating the State of the Commons to helping Creative Commons think through and establish their Creative Commons Certificate program, members of the We Are Open Co-op have been pleased to work with Creative Commons on a number of projects.

the full story

Join Us!

The chain of command can unnecessarily complicate projects and processes. We realised that we would have to fight for the right to collaborate with like-minded thinkers.

Our aim became to contribute what and where we can, accept ourselves as we are and just be human. Flaws and everything.

We strongly believe that everyone should benefit from the approach that we have seen work so well. Come collaborate alongside us, there's a better way to work.

The offer