Tools we use

We make things. We get curious and make things to work out ideas. Or we make things for clients. Or we make things just for fun. A lot of the things we've made are useful tools and processes. And they're openly licensed, so here you go!

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Badge Bloom / Badge Drawesome

After completing the Define the Cast exercise (see below), badges are created for the personas that have been identified.

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Collaborative agendas

Our most popular agenda building exercise helps events and workshop participants get what they came for in and organizers document the needs of their stakeholders.

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Define the cast / Stand in their shoes

Knowing your audience is key to creating useful products and services. This approach really helps with that.

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Drawing your own journey

Reflecting on your own, or your organisation's journey highlights key transitions that have made a difference.

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Dot Voting

Sometimes there are just too many ideas to tackle. Dot voting will help you narrow the choices and gain some focus.

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Exquisite Corpse

Jump start creativity using a technique that explores connections and gets people pushing the boundaries of their consciousness.

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Fun, fame, and fortune

Why do you do the work you do? This approach allows for both retrospectives and forward planning.

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Google Design Sprint

A five-day process for answering critical business questions through design, prototyping, and testing ideas with customers.

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Participatory Activities

Mozilla, Greenpeace, Co-ops, conferences near and far - over the course of her career, Laura has made tons of agendas for in-person events. She pulls her agendas together at lightening speed, with the help of her personal activity library.

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The best approach we've found to raise concerns and potential project fails - and take steps to avoid them happening.

Remixer toys
Remixer Machine

Some people love to draw and tinker. Lately Bryan has been drawing and tinkering with remixable SVGs. His library of remix tools will let you meme and build t-shirts, export PNGs and share feedback.

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Use this activity to frame tough conversations and discuss the opinions of people in the room in a safe and inclusive way.

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Starfish Model

A non-binary technique to help people reflect on varying degrees of issues they wish to raise.

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What do we mean by recognition?

A set of questions to help people think beyond traditional/constraining concepts of how we recognise abilities but also how recognition can be used in positive (or negative) ways.