Open our umbrella

Our members are nimble thinkers and tinkerers who can do a whole bunch of stuff. Just ask us. However, just so that we can understand what we do, we've organised our "what" into three main areas.

We facilitate thinking in a bunch of different ways.

The Workshop

Most of us have been facilitating workshops since we were born. Some even before. They're highly participatory, and democratic.

The Think-a-thon

We take a visually facilitated group approach to chewing through a knotty challenge. This particularly suits new projects and ideas. Because it's a bit different, we had to invent a new word for it.

Strategic Planning

How are we going to do this!? What a great question to ask. We'll guide you through answering it, trusting the knowledge in the room.

The Design Jam

We'll take an issue and build a prototype to test with a handful of customers. All in one week. Yep, you heard me right - one week.

facilitate thinking

In terms of articulating concepts, we're a dab hand.


Most of our members are accomplished speakers. Shows, Conferences, CPD days - you name it. Lasers and walk-on theme songs are of course optional, but if your conference has lasers, you should call us.


We make the venerable Badge News, the Badge Wiki, Thought Shrapnel, Freshly Brewed Thoughts, Visual Thinkery and a number of publications on Medium. We're great at pulling things together, or, in high English, curation.


The We Are Open Co-op is filled with creativity. We do branding and visuals, we do wireframes and illustrations. We make jam out of aloe vera. We're creative, so we make all kinds of things both digitally and in the physical reality.


We put words on the page. We write articles and blogposts for our audiences, ourselves and our clients. We also write novels, weeknotes, non-fiction books, academic papers, neighborhood watch guidelines, treaties and functional specs.

articulate concepts

And expertise? Well, we are our members...


We are experts in open source practices and principles. We're experts in open culture and open systems. We can help you open up.


Curious about alternative economies? We are proud to be members of a movement that is over 150 years old, and we're proud members of the CoTech Co-operative too.


With the first Open Badges whitepaper, the first thesis on web literacy, a doctoral thesis on digital literacies, expertise in privacy and identity ? members of the We Are Open Co-op are well known for their work in educational technology.

Community and Storytelling

Building global communities in a digital environment can be a complicated endeavor. We know a multitude of strategies for kicking off a community and to help keep it healthy. We're experienced with defining audiences and using data insights to build and tell great stories.

provide expertise