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The Brief

We Are Open Co-op worked directly with 10 charities funded through the Catalyst Discovery program. We were then able to guide a second cohort of charities in the Catalyst Definition Programme.

“Very well facilitated, We Are Open are…open! Created a very welcoming, safe and supportive environment where people could ask any kind of question and not feel stupid.”

Justine Lee, Council for Learning Outside the Classroom

The client

Catalyst is a charitable initiative incubated by CAST and connects funders with digital experts and charities who need their help.

“I don’t believe we would have been as effective or achieved as much in this phase without the help, support and direction of WAO as our Digital Mentors.”

Christine Brown, Ideal For All

our work

“We Are Open were as clever as they were time efficient, a valuable resource throughout.”

Kat Lewis, The Margate Bookie