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Take a mere sliver of an idea, and ask it questions. Put on different glasses and look at it again. Hire us for a Thinkathon, and we'll jumpstart your project.

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In the early days of the Creative Commons Certificate program, we met with the team to run a think-a-thon. Over the years, the We Are Open Co-op has done a variety of things with CC. We're huge fans of their work!

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Passbolt is an open source password manager. We ran a think-a-thon, provided them with a long term strategy and worked together with Passbolt for over 6 months. We will work together again too!

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We are helping the Inter-American Development Bank use digital credentials to support the adoption of standards, practices and policies that serve as pillars of the digital economy in the LAC region.

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London CLC is an award-winning team of expert teachers, computing and multimedia specialists, trainers, technicians, filmmakers, designers and family learning tutors. We have helped them with a number of things, including strategy, marketing, and their Lambeth Digital Champions project.

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Participate is a B-Corp that supports educators as they actively participate in learning communities, ignite change and create impact on a global scale. We worked with them to create a knowledge base for the digital credentials community called Badge Wiki.

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The University of Southampton has been working with partners to develop techniques that will enhance the ways people can interact with heritage sites. We helped them think through the next steps for the project, including a session in Japan with partners in the region.

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