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Infrequently Asked Questions

Infrequently asked questions

Meme image from Spongebob Squarepants: "I have a question. Actually about 5 questions."

Is We Are Open ever closed?

Yes, actually. Our members prefer to eat mince pies and wear fuzzy socks for the later half of December. We are officially closed for a holiday break each year.

We are Open vs a horse-sized duck, who would win?

Hey John, could you answer this one?

Is the WAO website powered by green, blue, or pink energy?

Yes yes yes.

If you’re so open, then doesn’t that make you technically invisible?

This doesn’t even make sense…

What motto do WAO members live by?

Eat, drink and co-operate.

If WAO was a sandwich, what kind would it be?

Well it would have to be triple-decker, but

Are you all yogurt-knitting vegans?

Not all of us, but then we also welcome both non-dairy and beginning arts-and-crafters too.

What is WAO’s favourite food?

Not Scotch Eggs 😉

Is WAO pocket-sized?

Our work fits in phones, but phones don’t fit in women’s pockets so it depends on if you’re wearing ladies pants or not.

Does WAO think they know everything?

It depends who we’re talking to. Officially: “Oh goodness no. We’re the first to admit that we know very, very little about all kinds of things.”

Does WAO have its own timezone?

No, because timezones don’t really exist. However, we regret that Swatch’s Internet Time hasn’t caught on widely.

Who is on WAO’s Christmas card list?

We can’t tell you for GDPR reasons, sadly.

Are WAO’s members human, or are they dancer?

Thinking-face emoji

Why is WAO giving away free stuff like courses? Isn’t that stupid?

Yeah, probably. But so is capitalism.

Who’s in charge here?

That’s a very interesting question which we will consider at our next meeting and report back accordingly. Or, at least, someone will. If we can decide who should do that in a timely manner.


Why not?

Is this section a blatant rip-off of the side of Oatly cartons?


Do you have a podcast?

We refer to it internally as an “RSS-powered listening experience”, but yes.

How tall is WAO?

It depends if Bryan is around. We won’t reveal personally-identifiable information, but he’s tall.

Is this whole section a comment on FAQs in general as being a needless construct which provides a sticking plaster for poor content design and information architecture?


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