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The Brief

Since 2015, Laura has worked with Greenpeace International (GPI). She helped lead a new open source engagement platform project called Planet 4, worked with the Story team on global narratives and more. In early 2020, Laura brought the rest of We Are Open into GPI work, and we’ve been involved in a number of projects.

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“We Are Open are outstanding collaborators. They are able to take a brief, run with it and then deliver exactly what was agreed to in a language that’s accessible to the end users the product was intended for. I’m excited by the possibilities we can achieve with what they have delivered.”

kelli tolen, Greenpeace International
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The client

Greenpeace International is the enabling body of the Greenpeace global network. Greenpeace is a global environmental NGO with 50 years of activism on the front lines of environmentalism. Their mission is to “defend the natural world and stand for a green and peaceful future.”

Our work

Website Communications Strategy

We Are Open conducted a review of project documentation relating to GPI communications and a series of interviews with key stakeholders to provide strategic recommendations to GPI on website voice, audience, content and resources. We wrote the GPI Website Communications Strategy and continue to work on it’s implementation:

The Super Secret Project

Since 2020, we’ve been working on an internal programme. It’s big and awesome, but one of the rarest of the rare – a project we took under an NDA. FYI it’s successful and awesome and we’re super excited about it.

Planet 4

In early 2020, the Planet 4 project was at one point of maturity, having rolled out 80% of offices ٩(●ᴗ●)۶ and ready for the next push towards the vision of driving people to action. Our job was to help the Planet 4 team develop an open mindset, demonstrate open leadership and empower the collaborators waiting in the wings through open engagement.

We helped that team with: