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The Brief

We Are Open was involved in the ‘Digital and Alternative Credentials’ Initiative main components, namely the ‘Alternative Credentials Workshop’, the ‘Roadmap Case Study Series’, and the ‘Digital Badges Resource Hub’.

After this work with We Are Open, we have been able to set a strong path for us in this field. We have also developed further materials in Spanish with their support, which is the heart of our website about digital credentials. The advising and support in the exploration of this field received from both Doug and Bryan were a crucial step for us in the right direction.

Stella Cavalcanti Da Silva

The client

The Inter-American Development Bank is an organization that creates and shares knowledge using different means. The Knowledge and Learning Sector is in charge of the development and implementation of an institutional knowledge and learning strategy for Bank staff and its counterparts to strengthen (i) the knowledge and competencies of professional and administrative staff needed to contribute to the Bank’s organizational and operational effectiveness, and (ii) the capacity and skills of the Bank’s counterparts in public and private institutions in the client countries, in priority areas for the IADB and for the development of the region.

Our work

  • Planned a workshop on Digital Alternative Credentials for a group of IDB stakeholders, which included topics such as alternative credentials, competency- based learning, micro-credentialing, lifelong learning trends and digital badges.
  • Analyzed potential risks and pitfalls from adopting digital credentials.
  • Provided the tools needed to advocate and promote the adoption of digital credentials.
  • Developed a strategic report with analysis of alternative solutions using alternative credentials to existing cases/scenarios, highlighted required processes and requisites to achieve specific goals.
  • Provided guidance in the development of a sustainable knowledge base (‘Digital Badges Resource Hub’) for future projects in IDB involving the use of digital credential including various resources covering the aforementioned topics as well as other case studies that can serve as examples, foundational materials, key players in the field (organizations and individuals), and trends to watch.