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Join the Co-op

Collective Work

When we work together, we make each other look good. We can take on more ambitious projects, in addition to our solo adventures. Our strengths and weaknesses might overlap, but each of us brings our uniqueness to the team. We become a hydra of awesome. Together we’re stronger!

Golden Principle #1:

When we work on a project using the skills and talents of other Co-op members, we do that business as the Co-op.

Work together (hand grasping a pen)
Amplify your voice (speaker with 'WAO' on grille)

Amplified voices

We all have our own networks. As a member, your voice is amplified through We Are Open’s combined network. And the co-op’s voice is amplified through yours. Win, win!

Golden Principle #2:

We spread the good news by adding the co-op’s logo to our email footers, social profiles and business cards.

Powerful community

We know the ups and downs of client projects. We help each other. This is actually the best bit of the whole deal. Being part of a co-op means that you always have people on your side.

Golden Principle #3:

We meet together (virtually) at the start of every week and keep each other accountable to what we’ve got going on.

Be part of a community (person with t-shirt reading "I'm in")