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The Brief

Julie’s Bicycle is “a pioneering not-for-profit mobilising the arts and culture to take action on the climate and ecological crisis.” WAO created a fully-fledged digital strategy, and worked directly with senior leadership. WAO has been helping the organisation begin their digital transformation with advice and outputs to help them build their first digital team and streamline their business and products.

WAO is interested in this project because it is focused on climate action and also allows us to help a charity new to digital products take a confident step forwards. We also go to work with Abi from Outlandish, who is awesome.

Julie's Bicycle logo

The client

Julie’s Bicycle (JB) needs to scale their impact and create digital tools and services to effect change in the arts and culture sectors. JB was founded to help with the climate emergency because culture and creativity can move hearts and minds. JB has two objectives: with the climate, nature and justice crisis (incl. net zero); and to use culture to influence society. These are based on a simple equation: “we change the creative industries, so that they change the world.” Learn more.

our work

We started this work after being approached by our friends at Outlandish. Since summer 2021 there have been two streams of work: 

  • Outlandish have been working on a prototype of an app which could reduce carbon emissions for music tours. Doug was involved in some of the early work around this.
  • WAO have been working on a digital strategy for JB to raise their horizons and show what’s possible. We’ve also been involved in recruitment and setting standards within the organisation.